I Strive To Be The Same Kind Of Lawyer That I Would Hire If I Were In Your Shoes – A Lawyer With Integrity Who Listens And Cares.

About My Estate Planning, Probate and Family Law Practice

I believe that each  client’s story deserves a lawyer’s full attention. My clients deserve my respect as people of dignity and worth. The solutions to their legal problems begin with  an understanding  of their needs and goals.

I also invite my clients to get to know me as a trustworthy, dedicated attorney who is focused on helping them overcome challenges. For information about my professional background and qualifications, follow this link:

Ryan J. Lewis

About My Vocation In The Law

From my youth, I learned the value of honesty, hard work and building strong relationships in the community. I witnessed friends and family supporting and helping each other to achieve goals. I realized the benefits of having people to lean on in a time of need. These experiences were part of what inspired me to become a lawyer.

I believe a good lawyer is credible, trustworthy and dedicated. I strive every day to exemplify these characteristics for my clients.

About You And The Path In Front Of You

Estate Planning, Probate and Family Law all touch on very personal issues as well as highly technical legal aspects. Everyone has unique hopes, dreams and aspirations. Every client seeking help in these areas needs to be able to rely on a lawyer’s knowledge and skills. I meet people where they are and apply the law to their circumstances.

I believe that to help someone, you must have a full understanding of their story. This requires listening. Lots of it. Many of my clients arrive at my door while traveling down a difficult path. My job is to join them on that path until I fully understand the difficulties they are facing. Then I get to work finding ways to overcome those difficulties and help clients reach their desired destination.

About Your Legal Concerns

I am eager to hear about the legal issues that brought you my website. I am here to help you every step of the way, beginning with an open, frank discussion of what you hope to accomplish.

To schedule a consultation, call 402-503-9598 or complete a brief online inquiry form to start the dialogue.